A Gateway To Privileges

This one is about A Gateway To Privileges and One Selfish Man :

A gateway to privileges photos, Life quotes

There’s a gateway to privileges,
A selfish man comes,
He plucks them carefully
And suits himself.

He divides between
Duties and dominance,
He is inclined towards the later
And reclined from the former.

He defines his own definitions
And descriptions of his own dues,
His values are suffocating,
For life is so cruel.

If you mistake a disservice to him,
Even if unwillingly,
Your many good days may become
Squeaky, deafening and blasting.

This much of shouting
Easily makes our minds
Still, numb and paralysing.

Responding him is a devil’s deed,
Avoiding his outpouring is hard indeed.
Around him is messed up
And he is messing around.

No one can get a grip on him,
His drive is either some sway
Or his utter selfish way
So, It’s better to be away.

A gateway to privileges photos, life quotes

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