My Secret Auth

My secret auth
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You are a secret,
I don’t speak things about you,
But you are an auth as well,
That they know it very well.

I get you in your eyes,
I get you in my heart,
I get you in the swirling vibes,
I get you in the twinkling dark.

Adore me with your love,
Always and forever,
Touch me by your soul,
Passionate and purer.

Come to me like an angel,
With wings,
And never fly off,
Leaving me alone.

Oh! This love is a blessing,
The divinity poured it on us,
The most fabulous happening,
That happened to us.

Love might be ruthless sometimes,
But, you know my love,
It gives you limitless happiness and joy,
With everlasting memories,
And endless peace.

In this never-ending peace, 
With your eyes closed,
You see some beautiful glimpses,
Of moments spent together.

With your brimming heart,
You can feel the eternal art,
You can feel a river flowing within your soul,
And That endless flow drives you nowhere,
But towards peace and joy.

Whenever I see you,
My heart beats fast,
And screams aloud,
And the secret thing becomes
An auth in a moment.
                                 -Anju Hilory

My secret auth 
Nature picture

My lil love. Click here 
( Secret auth )

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