A Jewel So Fair

Note – ‘A Jewel So Fair’ is a sonnet. It was written in the back days of my life.

The days are going worst, yet cool,
Oh! I’m insane, idiot-fool,
Once I was a believer I think,
And now I’m losing faith in everything,
Spirituality, God, Belief, even inner self,
And much more is running freely itself,
Hard to get and least to understand,
Everything is passing like nothing to withstand.

A Jewel So Fair

Still a Miraz I have,
A Jewel So Fair,
Not so hard to find, not so easy to get,
When I lay beside, bosom heaving eyes wet,
And now I wonder how came I him met,
The Miraz is so beloved, still and set.

Getting inspired by my little love ( A Jewel So Fair )


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