On Rogue Village

On rogue village Child labour Child marriage

In the morning little tutees come to school,
Their cute faces are filled with joy and zeal,
They sing the anthem  and prayers,
And play their own little games.

Being totally unaware of
Where life’s taking them,
The smiley faces face,
Many real-life challenges.

The echoes of rhymes fade,
When some pale tasks have to make,
They don’t know what big game
Is being played by life itself.

Education is
The most righteous way of upliftment, I think,
Which is
Being harassed to fulfill tiny-little non-sufficient ends.

Earning bread is not a 7years old’s task,
In this rogue village,
Someone really has to ask,
How can a wedding dress be
The Most suitable attire on 10 years old them?
While there’s a Dignity Costume
Which is proudly called ‘School Uniform’.

Infants are burdened
By maturity,
Innocence is crushed
And cursing humanity.

In this rogue village
Maturity is Satan’s privilege.

– Anju Hilory 

Note- This poem is a depiction of one place where I often encounter the situation.
This rogue situation is dispersing our society and causing death to inclusive upliftment.

Lovely visual depiction of life, click here.


On rogue village



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