Huge Universe

Huge universe 
Photos of universe

In this huge universe,

There must be phenomenal variations and so in my mind and thoughts. Feeling tiny and huge is not new to me now but the proportion is changing and I’m assuming myself more tiny before this universe. In essence, Being tiny leads to being humble and kind.
On the contrary, I can say, “The universe is in me and I should feel large.” ♠


Read into my melancholy,
Visit there usually,
Fix that truthfully,
And if you ever get a small place for Happy,
Sow some seeds for joy and beauty.

You are a tiny-tiny being in this huge world
In this huge universe,
Don’t try to destroy the universe with your broken heart, 
Maybe, he is getting over you, 
But you better don’t get over yourself.

Enough for waiting, Enough for cryings,
Enough for the way you pretend, 
That you don’t care the way he responds, 
Don’t pretend,
Just don’t care,
Let it be free like water and air 
Believe in; you can save yourself, 
For sure you want him but you don’t need him, 
You still have a tiny-tiny place in this huge world, 
In this huge universe. 

You’re hurt,
You can’t help that,
You’re breaking, 
You’re aching,
You can’t help that either, 
But clouds pass through, remember that.

You might not be able to change the ways of people,
Not even of your loved ones, 
And You ought not to do that, 
You better do this- 
“You make diamonds of your broken pieces 
And illuminate yourself 
You can bring a tiny-tiny light into this huge world,
Into this huge universe.”

You are a born Jewel,
And stupid ones don’t need you.

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Huge universe photo Universe pictures

What Mr. Ahluwalia said-

When someone is standing at the top of Mount Everest and sees the vast land from above, what place does he/she have under his/her feet? 

To sum up, big or small both steps can teach us how can we learn our life, which is more important. Still, we forget our lessons and encounter them again until we educate ourselves. And In this process of learning and educating ourselves, without doubt, we find some peace and tranquility.

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