Nobody, strong girl images

You will hear many voices, 
That some people want to live your life 
But when I’m down,
When I’m alone,
When I’m unhappy
Paying a cost,
Trust me, nobody wants to live my life,

They see me happy,
They want happiness,
They see me well dressed,
They want to look beautiful.
But nobody wants the sad part,
Nobody wants the ugly struggle which I have with me,
Believe me, nobody…

When I fly,
They want freedom,
When I play,
They want satisfaction.
But nobody wants the chains I’m fighting with,
Nobody wants the dungeons I’m horrified in,
I’m sure, nobody wants that.

When I’m full of zeal,
They are motivated,
When I’m peaceful,
They appreciate it.
But nobody wants the dark loneliness I’m blessed with,
Nobody wants the vast anger I’m burning in,
Nobody… Wants that.

Strong girl images

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